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Android Countdown App

World Clock iOS App. Advanced World Clock for your iPhone or iPad. Countdown App

Designed for Android Lollipop.

Advanced functionality. Easy to use.

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Accurate & Fun

What are you looking forward to?

A vacation, a sporting event, Christmas?
Your wedding?

Set the date and location, select one of many fun themes – and see the seconds tick down to your event.

The App recognizes all of the world’s time zones and automatically adjusts for all clock changes in the location you select.


Counting the days or need a reminder?

You can easily keep track of your favorite countdowns by adding a widget to your home screen.

Custom Theme Upgrade

Use your own photos.

Upgrade the app to choose one of your own photos instead of using one of the default themes.

When sharing on social media platforms, a generic theme will be shown instead of your custom photo.

20 Colorful & Fun Themes

Custom Photo Upgrade

Easter New




Just Married

Tax Day

American Football




Due Date


Football / Soccer

Launch Date

New Year





Generic Theme

...More Themes Soon

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