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Mercury Transit Illustration

Coming Up: Rare Transit of Mercury

On May 9/10, 2016, Mercury, our Solar System's smallest planet, will pass between the Earth and the Sun, appearing as a small dot moving across the surface of the Sun.

This rare celestial event is the longest Mercury Transit in the 21st century and can only be viewed using specialized equipment.

Can I see the Transit from my city?

Taking Pictures of the Transit?

Send us your best images during or after the event and we may publish them for the whole world to see!

Eta Aquarids to Light Up Night Skies

The annual meteor shower associated with Halley's Comet is expected to peak in the early morning hours of May 5-7. Weather permitting, the shooting stars will be visible from both hemispheres. A new Moon on May 6 will create dark skies, which will make for optimal viewing conditions.

How to see the Meteor Shower

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