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timeanddate.com Facebook pagetimeanddate.com has expanded its web presence by having its own page on Facebook. Our new Facebook page allows Facebook users to get the latest information on what our site has to offer. People can also share our site with others on Facebook.

We’ll be updating our page on Facebook regularly. We’ll be using our Facebook page to announce updates and new services or applications as they become readily available. For more information visit our Facebook information page.

You can make comments on our fan page or take part in discussions that are related to our website. Sign up or log in to like the page and share it with your friends. Don’t forget, we’re on Twitter too!

Countdown for Facebook

We’ve just added a new application for you to use in your Facebook profile – the timeanddate.com Countdown. You can use the application to count down to any special event – including birthdays, anniversaries, wedding days, baby due dates, graduations, and other occasions.

Once you’re finished customizing your countdown for your special event (including time, location, and visual appearance), you can share it with others on Facebook. Here is more information on how to use the countdown for Facebook.

Upgraded Countdown App for iPhone

timeanddate.com iPhone appYou can now get our upgraded iPhone countdown application, also known as the Exact Countdown 2011. It is found in the App Store with the name “Exact Countdown 2011”. This application includes the countdown to the New Year (January 1, 2011), birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and other events.

This application tells you exactly when you enter the year 2011, and is synchronized with an accurate time source. We plan to enhance and extend this countdown application with more functionality in the near future.

Please feel free to comment on timeanddate.com’s updated iPhone application by sending an email to: [email protected].

Monthly Poll

June Poll

Our monthly poll lets readers voice out their opinions. For this month’s poll, tell us which tool you find most useful on our website. If you are having troubles with the vote function below, you can also vote online.

Question: Which of these services do you like most on our website?

Home Page.

Previous Poll Results

You can view the previous poll results online for last month's poll question "What do you think about daylight saving time (DST)?".

All the Time in the World

by Allan Eastman

If It’s Tuesday, It Must Be Thursday

Allan Eastman Allan Eastman left behind his successful career as a Film and Television Director and Executive Producer to travel the world. He has visited over 100 countries on all six continents. He spends most of his time reading, writing and thinking about things. He is an amateur historian, a music archivist, a reasonable chef and a seeker after happiness .

First Time Round The World

In 1519, Ferdinand Magellan set out from Spain under a Royal commission with 5 ships and about 270 men to find a route westward to the Spice Islands.

Like most voyages during the so called Age of Exploration, Magellan’s journey was really a predatory quest in pursuit of riches. The dominant European powers of Spain and Portugal were in battle with each other and with Asian Muslim regimes for control of the trade in pepper, cinnamon and cloves – commodities which at the time were worth far more than their weight in gold.

Magellan may have had a map derived from the epic explorations of the great Chinese sea expeditions of 1421. But his own voyage quickly degenerated into a disaster. After failing to find an inland water route through Brazil, several of Magellan’s subordinates mutinied so he ruthlessly executed or marooned many of the rebels. One ship deserted to report his tyrannies back to the King. During the terrifying passage of Cape Horn, another of the small wooden ships sank in the towering storm tossed seas.

Magellan finally arrived in the Philippines with 2 ships. He himself was killed by hostile natives during a beach battle on Mactan Island. The Portuguese captured another ship and hung most of the crew for poaching in their territory.

The one remaining ship – the Victoria – with a hold full of spices, crept back westward toward home. In July 1522, it made landfall in the Cape Verde islands. And there, the crew made a very curious discovery. Like most sailors, they had kept scrupulous records during their voyage with numerous entries in their daily log. According to their well kept records, the date was Wednesday, 9 July. But the local authorities informed them that No, it was in fact Thursday, 10 July.

An entire day had disappeared somehow. What had happened?

In September, the 18 remaining survivors of Magellan’s circumnavigation limped into their home port in Spain, the first people ever to complete a planned around the world journey. The crew’s reports of their strange Time distortion caused a sensation and a special commission was empanelled to investigate and report to the Pope.

Well, the answer is actually relatively simple – it was just that no one had ever experienced the phenomenon before so no one had ever really thought about it. Magellan’s crew had traveled westward all the way around the planet and in effect, had caught up with an entire day’s rotation of the planet by arriving back in the same place.

Read more of Allan Eastman’s articleIf It’s Tuesday, It Must Be Thursday, found at our guest feature section All the Time in the World.

June Solstice on June 21, 2010

June SolsticeThe June solstice occurs at 11:29am Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) on June 21 in 2010. The June solstice is often referred to as the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere and winter solstice in the southern hemisphere.

The June solstice occurs when the sun is at its furthest point from the equator – it reaches its northernmost point and the earth’s North Pole tilts directly towards the sun, at about 23.5 degrees. It is important to note that earth does not move at a constant speed in its elliptical orbit. Therefore the seasons are not of equal length.

You can use the Seasons Calculator to find the June solstice date in other time zones or other years (the calculator is under the table on the page). The calculator also lists the September equinox, December solstice, and March equinox in 2010 and other years.

Message from the Team

Welcome to the June issue of our monthly newsletter. This month has been an exciting one for the team at timeanddate.com, as we’ve extended our web presence and we’re now officially on Facebook!

We’re going to include more useful tools to help Facebook users connect with their friends and family all over the world, regardless of their time zone.

We’re currently busy doing more improvements and new services on our website, particularly with the World Clock. You will notice that you now have better search options when searching for a city or town. Keep your eye out on more changes to come with the World Clock in the next month or so.

We also welcome your suggestions and feedback, as it is important that we make all of our time and date related services work to suit your needs. You can email your suggestions for mobile apps, search tools, and other ideas to: [email protected].

We hope that you enjoy reading the June newsletter.

The Team at timeanddate.com

PS. If you’ve missed previous editions, you can find them on our newsletter archive online. If you are reading the newsletter from our website and want to receive it automatically each month, you can subscribe your email address here.

Don’t forget: please check if our confirmation email has been automatically forwarded to your Spam folder!

FAQ/Tip of the Month

When you use the date calculator to figure out the Duration Between Two Dates, you can now choose the dates from the drop-down box that appears as your mouse hovers over each field, instead of typing the dates manually.

Each field for both “Enter start date” and “Enter end date” have drop down boxes for you to choose your dates: “Day”, “Month”, and “Year”. Holidays are listed in the picker to make it easier to find the right date.

If you also wish to specify the time to be included as part of the calculation, you can also select the numbers from the drop-down boxes next to the following fields: “Hour”, “Minutes”, and “Seconds”.

You need to click on the link “Specify time” in the gray form if you want this option to be available. Alternatively, see the advanced duration calculator which supports time as well.

Did You Know...

…There are two eclipses during the June–July period in 2010. A partial lunar eclipse will occur on June 26, 2010. It is the second eclipse of the year and will be visible from most of the Americas, the Pacific and eastern Asia. This eclipse is followed by the total solar eclipse .

The total solar eclipse tracks across the South Pacific and can be experienced from Easter Island, southern Argentina and Chile.

Greatest eclipse occurs in the South Pacific at about 19:33:31 UTC. At this point, the axis of the moon's shadow passes closest to earth's center. An animation showing the eclipse’s path can also be viewed.

Find more information about eclipses by visiting our Solar and Lunar Eclipses page, which includes tips for eclipse enthusiasts.

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Time Zone News

UK Parliament Revisits Single Double Summer Time
Parliamentary members in the United Kingdom (UK) will consider having a three-year trial to test the benefits of Single Double Summer Time (SDST) to boost tourism in the UK.

Government Says No Daylight Saving in Queensland
The Queensland Government in Australia will vote against a bill that calls for a referendum for daylight saving time (DST) and a split time zone in south-east Queensland.

Queenslanders Speak Out on Daylight Saving Time
Results from community consultation and an online forum show that Queenslanders have mixed opinions about having a referendum to revive daylight saving time (DST), as well as trialing DST, for south-east Queensland, in Australia.

Get the latest Time Zone News updates on places around the world that make changes to their daylight saving schedule or time zone.

About timeanddate.com

timeanddate.com provides facts and information on time and date.

The website features the World Clock, which includes time zones from many cities around the world, and the Calendar, which has customized features according to country, language, year, and other personal preferences.

These are just two of many useful tools to help people get what they need about times, dates, and other related information worldwide. Our website has more information about the company behind timeanddate.com.
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