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timeanddate.com logoOctober 2010

New Flash Clocks for Your Website

Flash Clocks are now available for your personal web site! Our new analog flash clocks feature accurate clocks that display the correct current time, even if your computer clock is wrong.

Free Clocks

The clocks will automatically adjust for daylight saving time for your location, as well as support all of the major time zones. You can choose between a text format or an analog flash designed clock that both offer a variety of designs that will enhance the look of your website while providing the accurate time resource for the users of your site.

Upgraded Calendar Date Selector

Our date calculators now featurean upgraded calendar pop-up that helps make it easier for users to enter specific dates into the search field. Users can now choose to manually type in the date into the search box or select the date from a calendar pop-up.

Calendar Pop-upUsing one of our date calculators such as the Duration Between Two Dates Calculator, you can easily select the specific date from a calendar pop-up that automatically appears when you click on the calendar icon located next to the “Today” button. The calendar pop-up also features quick dates that makes it even easier.

New Date Pattern Calculator

Unique calendar dates have become more common since the start of the new millennium. The new Date Pattern Calculator helps find dates that have a special characteristic such as reversibility or repetition.

Date Pattern Calculator

The results table features the different types of date patterns, as well as a pop-up animation that shows how the pattern works when a row is clicked on. You can also choose different filter options to help narrow down or expand a search.

Many organizations and couples are using the significance of a unique date like October 10, 2010 (10/10/10) or October 20, 2010 (20/10/2010) to hold special events such as a large social gathering or a wedding to help people associate their event with the date. Now you can use the Date Pattern Calculator to help find the perfect day for your next special occasion.

Monthly Poll

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Question: What do you think about our newest service the Travel Duration Calculator?

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I have never used it and I don't plan to.
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Previous Poll Results

You can view the previous poll results online for last month's poll question “Which timeanddate.com service would you like to have as an application for your mobile phone?”.

All the Time in the World

by Allan Eastman

"The Time Traveler's Life - Part Two"
A Conversation with Science Fiction Master Joe Haldeman

Allan Eastman Allan Eastman left behind his successful career as a Film and Television Director and Executive Producer to travel the world. He has visited over 100 countries on all six continents. He spends most of his time reading, writing and thinking about things. He is an amateur historian, a music archivist, a reasonable chef and a seeker after happiness .

Traveling Back In Time

In the previous installment of All The Time In The World, we explored the many aspects of Time Travel from a scientific, philosophical and literary perspective. Like many other elements of Time that we have looked at, Time Travel is a subject full of uncertainty - of definition, of possibility and of sharply divided opinion. Time Travel issues also seem to be especially rife with paradox. Trying to sort it all out tends to generate as many questions as answers.

At this point, I suppose I should confess that I am an unabashed Science Fiction fan and have been reading it all my life, ever since my Mom stuck Robert A. Heinlein’s Citizen ofthe Galaxy in my hand when I was about 10 years old. As a director and an executive producer, I worked a great deal in the Sci-Fi genre, directing shows like Star TrekVoyager, DS9 and The Outer Limits and co-show running the Gene Roddenberry’sAndromeda series. I did a lot of Time Travel stories over the years and was always fascinated by the complicated web of cause and effect that one had to work out in order to maintain a logical and honest continuity to these dramas.

In all the work I did, I was always guided by the master practitioners of Sci-Fi who had written about Time Travel. These men and women had given great thought to the subject and their ideas often ran in parallel with, or even a little ahead, of the foremost scientific and philosophical discussion of the topic. When I was researching this article, I went back and reread some of my favorite Sci-Fi authors’ Time Travel stories to refresh my memory about some of their ideas. Then, I started thinking, “Well, maybe I should actually talk to one of these people about Time Travel and see what they think.”

For me, there was one obvious choice on who that person should be.

Joe Haldeman is considered the modern Dean of Science Fiction by pretty much everybody who knows the field. He burst onto the scene with his novel, The Forever War, in the mid 1970’s. That outstanding book won both the Hugo and Nebula Awards, Science Fiction’s highest Honors, and remains an essential classic to this day. It grew out of Joe’s experiences as a combat engineer during the Vietnam War but also illuminated a tremendous imagination at work in the areas of science, sociology and psychology. No one has ever written better about the time dilation effects of interstellar travel.

Joe has gone on to write another 25 or so thought provoking and exciting novels and he has won numerous other Awards including the Grand Master Life Achievement Award at the Nebulas in 2010.

Joe’s fiction is deeply rooted in a realistic and studied understanding of science at the cutting edge but to me, its strongest qualities are his humanity, his compassion for the human condition, the quality of his ideas and his apparently effortless and entertaining style, which I can tell you requires very hard work indeed.

Joe lives in Florida with his wife of 45 years, the effervescent and delightful Gay Haldeman. We talked together on Skype videophone in mid-August 2010.

Read more of Allan Eastman’s article The Time Traveler's Life - Part Two, found at our guest feature section All the Time in the World.

Message from the Team

Welcome to the October issue of our monthly newsletter!

Last month we introduced our newest service, the Travel Duration Calculator.

We have been very busy this month making new Flash Clocks for your personal website, as well as developing our newest service, the Date Pattern Calculator.

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FAQ/Tip of the Month

At this time of year, many countries will start their daylight saving time (DST) schedule, while others are ending it. The Time Zone Converter can help figure out the time offsets for different locations during this change.

Simply choose locations and the date and time from the given drop down menus. You can also select the “Other locations…” button or the “Time zones…” button to find a city or time zone from a pop-up window if your location is not located in the drop down menu.

The results will show the time difference between locations, the local time in each location along with its offset from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and time zone abbreviation.

Did You Know...

…Daylight saving time (DST) ends one week earlier in Europe and Mexico than the United States and Canada.

Europe and Mexico are scheduled to end their DST schedule on October 31, 2010, while the US and Canada will end their DST schedule one week later on November 7.

Many Mexican border cities will have to remember the one hour time difference since many border cities will not end their DST schedule at the same time as most of Mexico. Many of these border cities will end their DST schedule at the same time as the US on November 7.

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Time Zone News

USA and Canada End DST on November 7, 2010

The United States and Canada will move their clocks back one hour as daylight saving time (DST) ends on Sunday, November 7, 2010.

Mexico Ends DST on Sunday, October 31, 2010

The clocks will turn back one hour in most of Mexico on Sunday, October 31, 2010. Daylight saving time (DST) will end in most parts of Mexico, except Sonora and Northern Mexico’s border cities.

Daylight Saving Ends in Europe on October 31, 2010

Daylight saving time (DST) which is also known as “summer time” will end in most of Europe on Sunday, October 31, 2010.

Australia Starts Daylight Saving on October 3, 2010

Daylight saving time (DST) will start in many places in Australia on Sunday, October 3, 2010. Clocks will move forward one hour at 2am (02:00) local time. DST in New Zealand starts on Sunday, September 26, 2010, one week earlier than Australia's daylight saving schedule.

About timeanddate.com

timeanddate.com is an established company based near Stavanger, Norway that first came online in 1998.

We maintain more than a decade of experience in being a thorough, accurate and reliable provider of time and date related information worldwide.

Our website features applications and services such as the World Clock, which includes time zones from many cities around the world, and the Calendar, which has customized features according to country, language, year, and other personal preferences.

These are just two of many useful tools to help people get what they need about times, dates, and other related information worldwide.

Visit our website to find out more information about the company behind timeanddate.com.

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