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On This Day in History, 16. August

What Happened On This Day – 16. August

  • 1987 First Day of Harmonic Convergence

    The largest worldwide meditation event lasted for 2 days and was organized by new-age author José Argüelles. The dates for the event were chosen because of their astrological significance – on these days the Sun, the Moon and 6 of the planets were aligned in a triangular position as seen from the Earth.

  • 1960 Cyprus Attains Freedom From the British

    The mediterranean island country first came under British control in the early 20th century as a strategic British outpost. In 1925, it was formally added to the British Empire. the London and Zurich Agreements signed in February 1959 gave independence to Cyprus and set up a system of governance based on ethnicity.

  • 1954 First Issue of Sports Illustrated Hits the Newsstands

    The sports magazine which is famous for its annual swimsuit issue was not profitable for the first few years of its existence. The boost in spectator sports eventually helped it become successful.

  • 1898 Patent for Loop-the-Loop Roller Coaster is Awarded

    The United States’ patent office awarded the patent for the loop-the-loop roller coaster to American inventor Edwin Prescott. First installed in Coney Island, New York, the roller coaster was able to carry only 4 people at a time.

  • 1858 The First Transatlantic Telegraph Message is sent

    The message sent by Britain’s Queen Victoria to American President James Buchanan, read ‘Europe and America are united by telegraphic communication. Glory to God in the highest, on earth peace, goodwill to men.’ The cable, which cut down the time of communication between the two continents was successful only for a few months. Technical difficulties led to the cable being closed in October of 1858.

Births On This Day – 16. August

  • 1991 G.E.M.

    Hong Kong singer-songwriter, actress

  • 1958 Madonna

    American singer-songwriter, actress, producer, director

  • 1954 James Cameron

    Canadian film director, screenwriter, producer

  • 1913 Menachem Begin

    Israeli politician, 6th Prime Minister of Israel, Nobel Prize laureate

  • 1815 John Bosco

    Italian priest, educator

Deaths On This Day – 16. August

  • 2003 Idi Amin

    Ugandan dictator

  • 2002 Abu Nidal

    Palestinian militant leader

  • 1977 Elvis Presley

    American singer, guitarist, actor

  • 1959 William Halsey, Jr.

    American Admiral

  • 1938 Robert Johnson

    American singer-songwriter, guitarist

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