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On This Day in History, 30. August

What Happened On This Day – 30. August

  • 1999 People in East Timor Vote in a Referendum

    The referendum was to decide whether East Timor should get more autonomy within Indonesia or whether independence should be granted. In 1976, East Timor, which had been a Portuguese colony since 1769, was taken over by Indonesia. The referendum, which came on the heels of mass violence in the region during the Indonesian occupation, passed in favor of independence which was finally gained on May 20, 2002.

  • 1991 Azerbaijan Declares its Independence

    The Central Asian country had been a part of the Soviet Union since 1920. In December 1991, a referendum was held to make the country’s independence from the USSR official.

  • 1983 Guion Stewart Bluford is launched into Space

    Bluford, a fighter pilot for the US Air Force and part of the crew of STS-8, the third flight of NASA’s space shuttle Challenger, was the first African-American to go into space.

  • 1967 First African-American justice is Appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court

    The United States Senate confirmed Thurgood Marshall to the country’s highest court of justice. Marshall was also the first African-American to have held the post of Solicitor General of the United States.

  • 1963 Telephone hotline Between Washington DC and Moscow is Established

    The system of direct communication between the heads of then Soviet Union and now Russia and the United States was set up during the height of the Cold War when the Cuban Missile Crisis almost led the two countries to the brink of an active war. The hotline was used for the first time in 1967 during the 6-day long Arab–Israeli War.

Births On This Day – 30. August

  • 1982 Andy Roddick

    American tennis player

  • 1954 Alexander Lukashenko

    Belarusian politician, 1st President of Belarus

  • 1943 Tal Brody

    American/Israeli basketball player

  • 1930 Warren Buffett

    American businessman, philanthropist

  • 1893 Huey Long

    American politician

Deaths On This Day – 30. August

  • 2015 Oliver Sacks

    British/American neurologist, author

  • 2013 Seamus Heaney

    Irish poet, playwright, Nobel Prize laureate

  • 2004 Indian Larry

    American motorcycle rider, builder

  • 2003 Charles Bronson

    American actor

  • 1879 John Bell Hood

    American general

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