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On This Day in History, 1. Dezember

What Happened On This Day – 1. Dezember

  • 2009 Treaty of Lisbon comes into force

    The Treaty of Lisbon, which amended the two treaties - the Maastricht Treaty and the Treaty of Rome - that form the constitutional basis of the European Union came into force after being signed by 13 countries in 2007.

  • 1958 French colony of Ubangi-Shari gains autonomy

    The French colony of Ubangi-Shari, now known as the Central African Republic, gained autonomy from France. 2 years later, the country became independent and adopted its current name.

  • 1943 Tehran Conference ends

    The Tehran Conference between the US, the UK, and the Soviet Union ended with the three countries deciding to open up a second front against Germany in France, and the Soviet Union agreeing to declare war against Japan.

  • 1919 Nancy Astor becomes to the first woman to join the British House of Commons

    Nancy Witcher Langhorne also known as Nancy Astor became the first woman to join the British House of Commons.

  • 1918 Kingdom of Iceland established

    The Kingdom of Iceland was established with the signing of the Act of Union with Denmark. The act recognized Iceland as a sovereign state under a common monarch with Denmark, and the Kingdom lasted until 1944 when a national referendum created the Republic of Iceland.

Births On This Day – 1. Dezember

  • 1970 Sarah Silverman

    American comedian, actress, singer

  • 1949 Pablo Escobar

    Colombian drug lord

  • 1945 Bette Midler

    American singer-songwriter, producer, actress

  • 1935 Woody Allen

    American screenwriter, director, actor

  • 1896 Georgy Zhukov

    Russian general

Deaths On This Day – 1. Dezember

  • 2012 Mitchell Cole

    English footballer

  • 1973 David Ben-Gurion

    Israeli politician, 1st Prime Minister of Israel

  • 1947 Aleister Crowley

    English magician, author

  • 1825 Alexander I of Russia

  • 1135 Henry I of England

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