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On This Day in History, 12. Juli

What Happened On This Day – 12. Juli

  • 1984 Walter F. Mondale Names Geraldine A. Ferraro as Running Mate in Presidential Elections

    New York Congressperson, Geraldine A. Ferraro, became the first woman to run for office on a major party ticket in the United States.

  • 1975 São Tomé and Príncipe gains independence from Portuguese rule

    The island nation was discovered and colonized by the Portuguese in the 16th century. For over 200 years, its economy was run by African slaves who cultivated sugar, coffee, and cocoa. Manuel Pinto da Costa became the first president of the newly independent country.

  • 1967 Race riots break out in Newark, New Jersey, killing 26 people and injuring several others

    The violence began when two white policemen arrested a black cab driver.

  • 1962 First performance of the Rolling Stones

    The British rock band performed for the first time as a group at the Marquee Club in London.

  • 1920 Moscow Peace Treaty is signed

    Also known as the Soviet–Lithuanian Peace Treaty, the treaty was signed between Lithuania and the Soviet Union. It recognized Lithuanian sovereignty in exchange for its neutrality and for safe passage for Russian troops to Poland.

Births On This Day – 12. Juli

  • 1997 Malala Yousafzai

    Pakistani activist

  • 1937 Bill Cosby

    American comedian, actor, producer, author

  • 1904 Pablo Neruda

    Chilean poet, Nobel Prize laureate

  • 1884 Amedeo Modigliani

    Italian painter, sculptor

  • 1817 Henry David Thoreau

    American writer, philosopher

Deaths On This Day – 12. Juli

  • 2013 Amar Bose

    American sound engineer, entrepreneur

  • 2010 Harvey Pekar

    American author

  • 1926 Gertrude Bell

    British government administrator, writer, spy, archaeologist

  • 1804 Alexander Hamilton

    Nevisian/American economist, politician, philosopher, 1st United States Secretary of the Treasury

  • 1536 Desiderius Erasmus

    Dutch theologian, priest

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