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On This Day in History, 17. Juli

What Happened On This Day – 17. Juli

  • 1998 The Rome Statute establishing the International Criminal Court (ICC) is adopted

    The ICC is the first international judicial body that has the power to try individuals for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.

  • 1989 The Stealth Bomber makes its debut

    The Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit made its first public flight from Palmdale, California.

  • 1976 Indonesia annexes East Timor and declares it its 27th province

    This was the culmination of an 8-month long Indonesian invasion and occupation of the Southeast Asian country that began just after East Timor declared its independence from Portugal in November, 1975.

  • 1955 Disneyland opens its doors for the first time

    The popular theme park (“The Happiest Place on Earth”) was opened by Walt Disney in Anaheim, California.

  • 1945 The Potsdam Conference begins

    The heads of the US, the UK, and USSR met in Potsdam to discuss the terms of the German and Japanese surrenders, and to make post-war plans.

Births On This Day – 17. Juli

  • 1954 Angela Merkel

    German politician, Chancellor of Germany

  • 1952 David Hasselhoff

    American actor, singer

  • 1947 Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall

  • 1939 Ali Khamenei

    Iranian politician, 2nd Supreme Leader of Iran

  • 1899 James Cagney

    American actor

Deaths On This Day – 17. Juli

  • 2009 Walter Cronkite

    American journalist

  • 1967 John Coltrane

    American saxophonist, composer

  • 1959 Billie Holiday

    American singer-songwriter, actress

  • 1912 Henri Poincaré

    French mathematician, physicist, engineer

  • 1790 Adam Smith

    Scottish philosopher, economist

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