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On This Day in History, 18. Juli

What Happened On This Day – 18. Juli

  • 2013 Government of Detroit declares bankruptcy

    The city, which was up to $20 billion in debt, became the largest municipal entity in the United States to declare bankruptcy.

  • 1993 Agathe Uwilingiyimana elected as Prime Minister of Rwanda

    Rwanda's only female prime minister's tenure was cut short when she was assassinated at the outset of the Rwandan genocide.

  • 1968 Intel is founded

    Founded in Santa Clara, California, the Intel corporation is the world's largest semiconductor chip manufacturer.

  • 1925 Mein Kampf is published

    Adolf Hitler's autobiographical book was written while he served his sentence for treason in prison.

  • 1870 The first Vatican Council, also known as Vatican I, decrees the doctrine of Papal infallibility

    The doctrine claims that the Pope cannot err when speaking on issues of morality and/ or faith.

Births On This Day – 18. Juli

  • 1980 Kristen Bell

    American actress

  • 1950 Jack Layton

    Canadian politician

  • 1950 Richard Branson

    English businessman, founded Virgin Group

  • 1921 John Glenn

    American astronaut, politician

  • 1918 Nelson Mandela

    South African politician, President of South Africa, Nobel Prize laureate

Deaths On This Day – 18. Juli

  • 1988 Nico

    German singer-songwriter, model, actress

  • 1918 Princess Elisabeth of Hesse and by Rhine

  • 1872 Benito Juárez

    Mexican lawyer, politician, 25th President of Mexico

  • 1817 Jane Austen

    English author

  • 1792 John Paul Jones

    American navy commander

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