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On This Day in History, 22. März

What Happened On This Day – 22. März

  • 1997 Tara Lipinski becomes the youngest female figure skating world champion

    The American athlete won the 1997 World Figure Skating Championships in Lausanne, Switzerland at the age of 14 years and 10 months.

  • 1993 The Intel Corporation produces the first Pentium microprocessor

    Intel holds about 80% of the world market share in the PC microprocessor business.

  • 1963 The Beatles release their first album

    Please Please Me, which included the hit single “Love Me Do” is regarded as one of the greatest albums of all time.

  • 1960 The laser is patented

    Charles Hard Townes and Arthur Leonard Schawlow received the first patent for their device, although Gordon Gould had previously filed a patent application for a similar contraption, which was turned down.

  • 1945 The Arab League is founded

    The organization was founded to promote political, economic, and cultural collaboration amongst its member states, which include 21 African, Asian, and Middle Eastern countries, from Mauritania in the west to Oman in the east.

Births On This Day – 22. März

  • 1976 Reese Witherspoon

    American actress, producer

  • 1948 Andrew Lloyd Webber

    English director, composer

  • 1936 Ron Carey

    American union leader

  • 1930 Stephen Sondheim

    American composer, songwriter

  • 1923 Marcel Marceau

    French mime, actor

Deaths On This Day – 22. März

  • 2009 Abismo Negro

    Mexican wrestler

  • 2009 Jade Goody

    English nurse, author

  • 2001 William Hanna

    American animator, director, producer, actor, co-founded Hanna-Barbera

  • 1832 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    German writer, scientist

  • 1820 Stephen Decatur

    American navy officer

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