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On This Day in History, 25. Mai

What Happened On This Day – 25. Mai

  • 2002 A China Airlines jumbo jet breaks apart in mid-air

    The Boeing 747 aircraft crashed into the Taiwan Strait, leaving no survivors among the 225 people on board. The accident was caused by improper repairs 22 years earlier, and the airplane was far beyond the serviceable life recommended by Boeing in terms of the number of flights, total hours in the air, and the number of years in service.

  • 1979 American Airlines flight 191 crashes shortly after takeoff

    The photo showing the lopsided DC-10 hurtling towards the ground at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago is one of the most horrifying images in aviation history. All 258 people on board died.

  • 1979 Etan Patz disappears

    The disappearance and murder of the 6-year-old boy from New York City and the extensive publicity it received helped spark the missing children's movement.

  • 1977 The first Star Wars film is released

    George Lucas' epic space opera encompassing seven films is one of the most popular works in movie history.

  • 1963 32 African countries form a coalition against white rule

    The Organisation of African Unity was founded to promote decolonization and end white minority governments in Africa. The OAU was replaced by the African Union in 2002.

Births On This Day – 25. Mai

  • 1979 Jonny Wilkinson

    English rugby player

  • 1976 Cillian Murphy

    Irish/English actor

  • 1974 Frank Klepacki

    American drummer, composer

  • 1899 Kazi Nazrul Islam

    Indian flute player, poet

  • 1803 Ralph Waldo Emerson

    American poet, philosopher

Deaths On This Day – 25. Mai

  • 2006 Desmond Dekker

    Jamaican singer-songwriter

  • 2005 Graham Kennedy

    Australian actor

  • 1934 Gustav Holst

    English composer

  • 1848 Annette von Droste-Hülshoff

    German author, composer

  • 992 Mieszko I of Poland

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