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New York29 °CPassing clouds.Mo 18:24:29
London22 °CPassing clouds.Mo 23:24:29
Tokyo27 °COvercast.Di 07:24:29

Local Time and Weather Around the World

AccraMo 22:24Mostly cloudy. Warm.25 °CEdmonton *Mo 16:24Mild.21 °CNassau *Mo 18:24Scattered clouds. Warm.30 °C
Addis AbabaDi 01:24Passing clouds. Cool.14 °CFrankfurt *Di 00:24Passing clouds. Mild.21 °CNew DelhiDi 03:54Fog. Warm.29 °C
AdelaideDi 07:54Quite cool.6 °CGuatemala CityMo 16:24Passing clouds. Warm.26 °CNew Orleans *Mo 17:24Thunderstorms. Scattered clouds. Warm.28 °C
AlgiersMo 23:24Clear. Warm.26 °CHalifax *Mo 19:24Broken clouds. Mild.23 °CNew York *Mo 18:24Passing clouds. Warm.29 °C
AlmatyDi 04:24Partly cloudy. Pleasantly warm.27 °CHanoiDi 05:24Passing clouds. Warm.27 °COslo *Di 00:24Passing clouds. Mild.22 °C
Amman *Di 01:24Clear. Mild.23 °CHarareDi 00:24Overcast.N/AOttawa *Mo 18:24Broken clouds. Warm.28 °C
Amsterdam *Di 00:24Clear. Mild.17 °CHavana *Mo 18:24Broken clouds. Warm.30 °CParis *Di 00:24Clear. Mild.22 °C
AnadyrDi 10:24Sprinkles. Overcast. Cool.12 °CHelsinki *Di 01:24Clear. Cool.14 °CPerthDi 06:24Clear. Cool.11 °C
Anchorage *Mo 14:24Overcast. Mild.18 °CHong KongDi 06:24Sprinkles. Scattered clouds. Warm.28 °CPhiladelphia *Mo 18:24Passing clouds. Hot.33 °C
AnkaraDi 01:24Clear. Mild.23 °CHonoluluMo 12:24Scattered clouds. Hot.32 °CPhoenixMo 15:24Partly sunny. Extremely hot.42 °C
AntananarivoDi 01:24Passing clouds. Cool.16 °CHouston *Mo 17:24Broken clouds. Hot.32 °CPrague *Di 00:24Clear. Mild.20 °C
AsuncionMo 18:24Passing clouds. Mild.18 °CIndianapolis *Mo 18:24Light rain. Overcast. Mild.22 °CReykjavikMo 22:24Sunny. Cool.16 °C
Athens *Di 01:24Warm.28 °CIslamabadDi 03:24Overcast. Mild.18 °CRio de JaneiroMo 19:24Passing clouds. Mild.22 °C
Atlanta *Mo 18:24Heavy rain. Broken clouds. Mild.24 °CIstanbulDi 01:24Clear. Mild.24 °CRiyadhDi 01:24Clear. Hot.32 °C
AucklandDi 10:24Scattered clouds. Cool.15 °CJakartaDi 05:24Passing clouds. Warm.27 °CRome *Di 00:24Passing clouds. Mild.22 °C
BaghdadDi 01:24Clear. Hot.32 °CJerusalem *Di 01:24Clear. Warm.26 °CSalt Lake City *Mo 16:24Broken clouds. Extremely hot.37 °C
BangaloreDi 03:54Partly cloudy. Mild.21 °CJohannesburgDi 00:24Clear. Cool.12 °CSan Francisco *Mo 15:24Passing clouds. Mild.20 °C
BangkokDi 05:24Passing clouds. Warm.28 °CKarachiDi 03:24Partly cloudy. Warm.27 °CSan JuanMo 18:24Broken clouds. Warm.28 °C
Barcelona *Di 00:24Passing clouds. Warm.25 °CKathmanduDi 04:09Partly cloudy. Mild.22 °CSan SalvadorMo 16:24Sunny. Warm.31 °C
BeijingDi 06:24Fog. Mild.23 °CKhartoumDi 00:24Clear. Hot.33 °CSantiagoMo 18:24Partly sunny. Mild.18 °C
Beirut *Di 01:24Passing clouds. Warm.27 °CKingstonMo 17:24Sprinkles. Overcast. Warm.27 °CSanto DomingoMo 18:24Overcast. Warm.31 °C
Belgrade *Di 00:24Passing clouds. Mild.21 °CKinshasaMo 23:24Clear. Mild.22 °CSão PauloMo 19:24Partly cloudy. Mild.17 °C
Berlin *Di 00:24Clear. Mild.21 °CKiritimatiDi 12:24Scattered clouds. Warm.30 °CSeattle *Mo 15:24Sunny. Pleasantly warm.27 °C
BogotaMo 17:24Scattered showers. Partly sunny. Mild.17 °CKolkataDi 03:54Passing clouds. Warm.26 °CSeoulDi 07:24Sprinkles. Overcast. Warm.26 °C
Boston *Mo 18:24Scattered clouds. Hot.32 °CKuala LumpurDi 06:24Partly cloudy. Warm.26 °CShanghaiDi 06:24Sunny. Warm.30 °C
BrasiliaMo 19:24Clear. Mild.23 °CKuwait CityDi 01:24Clear. Hot.32 °CSingaporeDi 06:24Passing clouds. Warm.28 °C
BrisbaneDi 08:24Sunny. Cool.12 °CKyiv *Di 01:24Clear. Mild.22 °CSofia *Di 01:24Passing clouds. Mild.20 °C
Brussels *Di 00:24Clear. Mild.17 °CLa PazMo 18:24Passing clouds. Refreshingly cool.13 °CSt. John's *Mo 19:54Scattered clouds. Cool.16 °C
Bucharest *Di 01:24Passing clouds. Mild.20 °CLagosMo 23:24Passing clouds. Warm.25 °CStockholm *Di 00:24Overcast. Mild.17 °C
Budapest *Di 00:24Clear. Mild.20 °CLahoreDi 03:24Clear. Warm.29 °CSuvaDi 10:24Partly sunny. Mild.24 °C
Buenos AiresMo 19:24Passing clouds. Cool.13 °CLas Vegas *Mo 15:24Scattered clouds. Extremely hot.41 °CSydneyDi 08:24Scattered showers. Broken clouds. Cool.13 °C
CairoDi 00:24Clear. Warm.27 °CLimaMo 17:24Overcast. Cool.16 °CTaipeiDi 06:24Passing clouds. Warm.29 °C
Calgary *Mo 16:24Passing clouds. Mild.23 °CLisbon *Mo 23:24Clear. Mild.17 °CTallinn *Di 01:24Clear. Cool.16 °C
CanberraDi 08:24Overcast. Chilly.1 °CLondon *Mo 23:24Passing clouds. Mild.22 °CTashkentDi 03:24Clear. Warm.27 °C
Cape TownDi 00:24Passing clouds. Cool.14 °CLos Angeles *Mo 15:24Sunny. Warm.27 °CTegucigalpaMo 16:24Scattered clouds. Pleasantly warm.28 °C
CaracasMo 18:24Partly sunny. Warm.27 °CMadrid *Di 00:24Passing clouds. Pleasantly warm.26 °CTehran *Di 02:54Clear. Pleasantly warm.27 °C
Casablanca *Mo 23:24Passing clouds. Mild.22 °CManaguaMo 16:24Scattered clouds. Warm.31 °CTokyoDi 07:24Overcast. Warm.27 °C
Chicago *Mo 17:24Thunderstorms. Broken clouds. Mild.24 °CManilaDi 06:24Sprinkles. Passing clouds. Warm.25 °CToronto *Mo 18:24Partly sunny. Warm.29 °C
Copenhagen *Di 00:24Passing clouds. Mild.21 °CMelbourneDi 08:24Partly sunny. Quite cool.7 °CVancouver *Mo 15:24Passing clouds. Mild.21 °C
Dallas *Mo 17:24Mostly cloudy. Extremely hot.35 °CMexico City *Mo 17:24Mostly cloudy. Mild.20 °CVienna *Di 00:24Clear. Mild.21 °C
Dar es SalaamDi 01:24Passing clouds. Mild.23 °CMiami *Mo 18:24Partly sunny. Hot.32 °CWarsaw *Di 00:24Clear. Mild.20 °C
DarwinDi 07:54Light fog. Mild.20 °CMinneapolis *Mo 17:24Partly sunny. Warm.25 °CWashington DC *Mo 18:24Scattered clouds. Hot.33 °C
Denver *Mo 16:24Scattered clouds. Hot.32 °CMinskDi 01:24Passing clouds. Mild.17 °CWinnipeg *Mo 17:24Mild.22 °C
Detroit *Mo 18:24Passing clouds. Mild.24 °CMontevideoMo 19:24Overcast. Cool.12 °CYangonDi 04:54Passing clouds. Warm.26 °C
DhakaDi 04:24Passing clouds. Warm.28 °CMontréal *Mo 18:24Partly sunny. Warm.31 °CZagreb *Di 00:24Clear. Mild.21 °C
DohaDi 01:24Clear. Extremely hot.34 °CMoscowDi 01:24Clear. Cool.12 °CZürich *Di 00:24Mild.19 °C
DubaiDi 02:24Clear. Extremely hot.38 °CMumbaiDi 03:54Light rain. Mostly cloudy. Warm.28 °C
Dublin *Mo 23:24Sprinkles. Partly cloudy. Cool.14 °CNairobiDi 01:24Passing clouds. Mild.17 °C

* Adjusted for Daylight Saving Time (64 places).

Mo = Montag, 29. Juli 2019 (61 places).
Di = Dienstag, 30. Juli 2019 (81 places).

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