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Temperatures and Weather in North America

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New York26 °CScattered clouds.Sat 12:49:19
London22 °CScattered clouds.Sat 17:49:19
Tokyo27 °CWarm.Sun 01:49:19

Local Time and Weather in North America

Abbotsford *Sat 09:49More clouds than sun. Mild.17 °CManitowoc *Sat 11:49Sunny. Mild.24 °C
Abilene *Sat 11:49Sunny. Hot.33 °CMarkham *Sat 12:49Mostly cloudy. Mild.22 °C
Acapulco *Sat 11:49Overcast. Warm.25 °CMary's Harbour *Sat 14:19Scattered clouds. Warm.25 °C
Adak *Sat 07:49Overcast. Cool.12 °CMasayaSat 10:49Partly sunny. Warm.30 °C
Aguascalientes *Sat 11:49Scattered clouds. Mild.21 °CMatagalpaSat 10:49Scattered clouds. Mild.24 °C
Akron *Sat 12:49Passing clouds. Warm.28 °CMatamoros *Sat 11:49Partly sunny. Hot.32 °C
AlajuelaSat 10:49Passing clouds. Warm.25 °CMay PenSat 11:49Passing clouds. Hot.32 °C
Albany *Sat 12:49Partly sunny. Warm.28 °CMayagüezSat 12:49Sunny. Warm.31 °C
Albuquerque *Sat 10:49Passing clouds. Pleasantly warm.27 °CMazatlan *Sat 10:49Partly sunny. Warm.30 °C
Alert *Sat 12:49Mostly cloudy. Chilly.2 °CMcKinney *Sat 11:49Sunny. Hot.32 °C
Alexandria *Sat 12:49Broken clouds. Warm.31 °CMemphis *Sat 11:49Passing clouds. Hot.32 °C
Allentown *Sat 12:49Broken clouds. Warm.29 °CMerida *Sat 11:49Passing clouds. Hot.33 °C
Amarillo *Sat 11:49Sunny. Hot.31 °CMesaSat 09:49Sunny. Hot.33 °C
Anaheim *Sat 09:49Overcast. Mild.20 °CMesquite *Sat 11:49Sunny. Warm.31 °C
Anchorage *Sat 08:49Sunny. Refreshingly cool.14 °CMetairie *Sat 11:49Scattered clouds. Hot.32 °C
Angels Camp *Sat 09:49Sunny. Mild.23 °CMexicali *Sat 09:49Sunny. Hot.31 °C
Ann Arbor *Sat 12:49Sunny. Warm.26 °CMexico City *Sat 11:49Sunny. Mild.21 °C
Annapolis *Sat 12:49Sunny. Warm.30 °CMiami *Sat 12:49Broken clouds. Hot.33 °C
Arlington *Sat 11:49Sunny. Hot.32 °CMidland *Sat 11:49Sunny. Hot.33 °C
ArroyoSat 12:49Broken clouds. Warm.25 °CMilwaukee *Sat 11:49Sunny. Mild.24 °C
Athens *Sat 12:49Sunny. Mild.23 °CMinneapolis *Sat 11:49Passing clouds. Mild.18 °C
Atlanta *Sat 12:49Sunny. Hot.32 °CMississauga *Sat 12:49Mostly cloudy. Mild.22 °C
Augusta (US-ME) *Sat 12:49Overcast. Mild.20 °CMobile *Sat 11:49Passing clouds. Extremely hot.36 °C
Augusta (US-GA) *Sat 12:49Sunny. Warm.31 °CModesto *Sat 09:49Sunny. Mild.23 °C
Aurora *Sat 10:49Passing clouds. Pleasantly warm.27 °CMontego BaySat 11:49Passing clouds. Hot.32 °C
Austin *Sat 11:49Sunny. Hot.32 °CMonterrey *Sat 11:49Sunny. Warm.29 °C
Baker Lake *Sat 11:49Scattered clouds. Cool.9 °CMontgomery *Sat 11:49Sunny. Hot.32 °C
Bakersfield *Sat 09:49Sunny. Pleasantly warm.30 °CMontpelier *Sat 12:49Scattered clouds. Mild.24 °C
Baltimore *Sat 12:49Partly sunny. Hot.31 °CMontréal *Sat 12:49Partly sunny. Mild.24 °C
Barrie *Sat 12:49Partly sunny. Mild.23 °CMoreno Valley *Sat 09:49Fog. Cool.16 °C
Basse-Terre (Guadeloupe)Sat 12:49Scattered clouds. Warm.31 °CNanaimo *Sat 09:49Mild.19 °C
Basseterre (St. Kitts)Sat 12:49Passing clouds. Warm.31 °CNaples *Sat 12:49Passing clouds. Hot.33 °C
Baton Rouge *Sat 11:49Scattered clouds. Hot.32 °CNashville *Sat 11:49Passing clouds. Warm.31 °C
Beaumont *Sat 11:49Scattered clouds. Hot.32 °CNassau *Sat 12:49Scattered clouds. Hot.32 °C
Belize CitySat 10:49Sprinkles. Partly sunny. Warm.31 °CNew Haven *Sat 12:49Broken clouds. Warm.26 °C
BelmopanSat 10:49Partly sunny. Warm.30 °CNew Orleans *Sat 11:49Sunny. Hot.32 °C
Berkeley *Sat 09:49Partly sunny. Mild.19 °CNew York *Sat 12:49Scattered clouds. Warm.26 °C
Billings *Sat 10:49Mostly cloudy. Cool.13 °CNewark *Sat 12:49Scattered clouds. Warm.28 °C
Birmingham *Sat 11:49Passing clouds. Hot.34 °CNewport News *Sat 12:49Broken clouds. Warm.29 °C
Bismarck *Sat 11:49Scattered clouds. Mild.19 °CNome *Sat 08:49Sunny. Quite cool.6 °C
Blanc-SablonSat 12:49Low clouds. Cool.16 °CNorfolk *Sat 12:49Scattered clouds. Warm.29 °C
Boise *Sat 10:49Sunny. Mild.21 °COakland *Sat 09:49Partly sunny. Mild.19 °C
Boston *Sat 12:49Low clouds. Mild.22 °COakville *Sat 12:49Mild.21 °C
BradesSat 12:49Scattered clouds. Warm.31 °COaxaca *Sat 11:49Passing clouds. Mild.23 °C
Brampton *Sat 12:49Mostly cloudy. Mild.22 °COceanside *Sat 09:49Partly sunny. Mild.21 °C
Bridgeport *Sat 12:49More clouds than sun. Warm.25 °COgden *Sat 10:49Sunny. Mild.22 °C
BridgetownSat 12:49Scattered showers. Scattered clouds. Warm.27 °COklahoma City *Sat 11:49Passing clouds. Hot.32 °C
Brookings *Sat 11:49Sunny. Mild.24 °COlathe *Sat 11:49Sunny. Mild.23 °C
Bryan – College Station *Sat 11:49Passing clouds. Hot.32 °COlympia *Sat 09:49Overcast. Cool.16 °C
BuckeyeSat 09:49Passing clouds. Extremely hot.34 °COntario *Sat 09:49Low clouds. Mild.18 °C
Buffalo *Sat 12:49Broken clouds. Mild.20 °COrange *Sat 09:49Partly sunny. Mild.21 °C
Burlington *Sat 12:49Mild.21 °COrange Walk TownSat 10:49Partly sunny. Hot.32 °C
Burnaby *Sat 09:49Mostly cloudy. Mild.18 °COranjestad (Aruba)Sat 12:49Scattered clouds. Warm.31 °C
CaguasSat 12:49Broken clouds. Warm.25 °COranjestad (St. Eust.)Sat 12:49Warm.31 °C
Calgary *Sat 10:49Passing clouds. Cool.11 °COrillia *Sat 12:49Mild.20 °C
Camagüey *Sat 12:49Scattered clouds. Warm.31 °COrlando *Sat 12:49Passing clouds. Warm.30 °C
Cambridge *Sat 12:49Broken clouds. Warm.25 °COshawa *Sat 12:49More clouds than sun. Mild.21 °C
CancúnSat 11:49Partly sunny. Hot.32 °COttawa *Sat 12:49Broken clouds. Mild.23 °C
Cape Coral *Sat 12:49Passing clouds. Hot.31 °COverland Park *Sat 11:49Sunny. Mild.23 °C
Carbondale *Sat 11:49Scattered clouds. Warm.29 °COwensboro *Sat 11:49Sunny. Warm.30 °C
Carson City *Sat 09:49Sunny. Mild.22 °COxford *Sat 11:49Sunny. Warm.31 °C
CastriesSat 12:49Scattered showers. Partly sunny. Warm.27 °COxnard *Sat 09:49Overcast. Mild.19 °C
Cedar Rapids *Sat 11:49Sunny. Mild.24 °CPanamaSat 11:49Passing clouds. Warm.29 °C
Charleston (SC) *Sat 12:49Light rain. Mostly cloudy. Warm.26 °CParadise *Sat 09:49Sunny. Hot.34 °C
Charleston (WV) *Sat 12:49Sunny. Warm.29 °CPasadena (USA-TX) *Sat 11:49Scattered clouds. Hot.32 °C
CharlestownSat 12:49Passing clouds. Warm.31 °CPasadena (USA-CA) *Sat 09:49Overcast. Mild.18 °C
Charlotte *Sat 12:49Passing clouds. Warm.31 °CPaterson *Sat 12:49Scattered clouds. Warm.29 °C
Charlotte AmalieSat 12:49Scattered clouds. Hot.32 °CPensacola *Sat 11:49Light rain. Fog. Warm.27 °C
Charlottetown *Sat 13:49Scattered clouds. Mild.22 °CPeoria *Sat 11:49Scattered clouds. Mild.23 °C
Chatham-Kent *Sat 12:49Mild.25 °CPhiladelphia *Sat 12:49Broken clouds. Warm.30 °C
Chattanooga *Sat 12:49Scattered clouds. Warm.31 °CPhoenixSat 09:49Scattered clouds. Hot.34 °C
Chesapeake *Sat 12:49Scattered clouds. Warm.29 °CPierre *Sat 11:49Sunny. Warm.26 °C
ChetumalSat 11:49Scattered clouds. Hot.31 °CPittsburgh *Sat 12:49Partly sunny. Warm.27 °C
Cheyenne *Sat 10:49Sunny. Pleasantly warm.27 °CPlano *Sat 11:49Sunny. Hot.32 °C
Chibougamau *Sat 12:49Partly sunny. Mild.23 °CPlaya del CarmenSat 11:49Partly sunny. Hot.32 °C
Chicago *Sat 11:49Mostly cloudy. Warm.25 °CPointe-à-PitreSat 12:49Scattered clouds. Warm.31 °C
Chihuahua *Sat 10:49Overcast. Mild.25 °CPomona *Sat 09:49Fog. Mild.18 °C
CholomaSat 10:49Scattered clouds. Warm.29 °CPonceSat 12:49Sunny. Warm.31 °C
ChristianstedSat 12:49Scattered clouds. Hot.31 °CPond Inlet *Sat 12:49Sunny. Cool.9 °C
Chula Vista *Sat 09:49Scattered clouds. Mild.20 °CPort-au-Prince *Sat 12:49Broken clouds. Warm.30 °C
Cincinnati *Sat 12:49Scattered clouds. Warm.28 °CPortland (Oregon) *Sat 09:49Broken clouds. Mild.18 °C
Citrus Heights *Sat 09:49Sunny. Mild.21 °CPortland (Maine) *Sat 12:49Overcast. Mild.21 °C
Ciudad Juárez *Sat 10:49Scattered clouds. Pleasantly warm.30 °CPortsmouth *Sat 12:49Scattered clouds. Warm.29 °C
Ciudad Victoria *Sat 11:49Sunny. Warm.29 °CPrinceton *Sat 11:49Thundershowers. Broken clouds. Mild.24 °C
Clarksville *Sat 11:49Sunny. Warm.31 °CProvidence *Sat 12:49Partly sunny. Mild.24 °C
Cleveland *Sat 12:49Broken clouds. Warm.28 °CProvidenciales *Sat 12:49Scattered clouds. Hot.32 °C
Cockburn Harbour *Sat 12:49Scattered clouds. Hot.32 °CProvo *Sat 10:49Scattered clouds. Mild.24 °C
Codrington (Barbuda)Sat 12:49Scattered clouds. Warm.31 °CPuebla *Sat 11:49Sunny. Mild.17 °C
Colima *Sat 11:49Scattered clouds. Mild.19 °CPuerto PlataSat 12:49Thunderstorms. Partly sunny. Warm.25 °C
ColónSat 11:49Passing clouds. Warm.29 °CPuerto Vallarta *Sat 11:49Passing clouds. Warm.30 °C
Columbia (us-sc) *Sat 12:49Broken clouds. Hot.32 °CPunta CanaSat 12:49Scattered clouds. Warm.30 °C
Columbia (us-mo) *Sat 11:49Cool.21 °CPunta GordaSat 10:49Passing clouds. Warm.30 °C
Columbus (US-GA) *Sat 12:49Sunny. Hot.33 °CQuébec *Sat 12:49Overcast. Mild.21 °C
Columbus (US-OH) *Sat 12:49Partly sunny. Warm.28 °CQueens *Sat 12:49Warm.29 °C
Concepción de La VegaSat 12:49Scattered clouds. Warm.29 °CQuerétaro *Sat 11:49Scattered clouds. Mild.21 °C
Concord *Sat 12:49Overcast. Mild.22 °CQuetzaltenangoSat 10:49Partly sunny. Mild.23 °C
Coquitlam *Sat 09:49Mild.18 °CRaleigh *Sat 12:49Scattered clouds. Warm.30 °C
Coral HarbourSat 11:49Passing clouds. Refreshingly cool.16 °CRancho Cucamonga *Sat 09:49Low clouds. Mild.18 °C
Cranbrook *Sat 10:49Partly sunny. Cool.12 °CRapid City *Sat 10:49Sunny. Mild.21 °C
Cruz BaySat 12:49Scattered clouds. Hot.32 °CReginaSat 10:49Broken clouds. Cool.13 °C
Cuernavaca *Sat 11:49Broken clouds. Mild.24 °CResolute Bay *Sat 11:49Passing clouds. Cool.8 °C
Dallas *Sat 11:49Sunny. Hot.32 °CReynosa *Sat 11:49Sunny. Hot.34 °C
DangrigaSat 10:49Sprinkles. Partly sunny. Warm.31 °CRichmond (CA-BC) *Sat 09:49Mostly cloudy. Mild.18 °C
DavidSat 11:49Scattered clouds. Warm.28 °CRichmond (US-VA) *Sat 12:49Overcast. Warm.28 °C
Dayton *Sat 12:49Partly sunny. Warm.26 °CRichmond Hill *Sat 12:49Mostly cloudy. Mild.22 °C
Decatur *Sat 11:49Sunny. Mild.21 °CRiverside *Sat 12:49Partly sunny. Warm.26 °C
Denison *Sat 11:49Sunny. Hot.33 °CRiverside *Sat 09:49Overcast. Mild.19 °C
Denver *Sat 10:49Passing clouds. Pleasantly warm.27 °CRoad TownSat 12:49Scattered clouds. Hot.32 °C
Des Moines *Sat 11:49Overcast. Warm.26 °CRochester *Sat 12:49Thunderstorms. Fog. Mild.21 °C
Detroit *Sat 12:49Sunny. Warm.27 °CRockford *Sat 11:49Partly sunny. Mild.22 °C
Dover *Sat 12:49Scattered clouds. Warm.29 °CRoseauSat 12:49Scattered clouds. Hot.33 °C
Durango *Sat 11:49Partly sunny. Mild.21 °CSacramento *Sat 09:49Cool.18 °C
Ecatepec *Sat 11:49Sunny. Mild.21 °CSaguenay *Sat 12:49Mild.22 °C
Edmonton *Sat 10:49Cool.11 °CSahuaritaSat 09:49Sunny. Hot.32 °C
El Monte *Sat 09:49Overcast. Mild.20 °CSaint George'sSat 12:49Broken clouds. Warm.28 °C
El Paso *Sat 10:49Scattered clouds. Hot.33 °CSaint John (CA - NB) *Sat 13:49Overcast. Mild.21 °C
Elizabeth *Sat 12:49Scattered clouds. Warm.28 °CSaint John's (Antigua)Sat 12:49Scattered clouds. Warm.31 °C
Erie *Sat 12:49Broken clouds. Warm.26 °CSaint-Pierre *Sat 14:49Scattered clouds. Mild.19 °C
Escondido *Sat 09:49Sunny. Mild.17 °CSaint ThomasSat 12:49Scattered clouds. Hot.32 °C
EscuintlaSat 10:49Broken clouds. Mild.22 °CSaipanSun 02:49Passing clouds. Warm.28 °C
Eugene *Sat 09:49Cool.15 °CSalaberry-de-Valleyfield *Sat 12:49Warm.27 °C
Eureka *Sat 11:49Partly sunny. Quite cool.6 °CSalem *Sat 09:49Overcast. Mild.18 °C
Evansville *Sat 11:49Partly sunny. Warm.31 °CSalinas *Sat 09:49Low clouds. Cool.16 °C
Fairbanks *Sat 08:49Fog. Quite cool.6 °CSalt Lake City *Sat 10:49Scattered clouds. Pleasantly warm.25 °C
Fargo *Sat 11:49Thundershowers. Broken clouds. Mild.22 °CSan Antonio *Sat 11:49Passing clouds. Warm.30 °C
Fayetteville (US-AR) *Sat 11:49Passing clouds. Warm.29 °CSan Bernardino *Sat 09:49Overcast. Mild.19 °C
Fayetteville (NC) *Sat 12:49Partly sunny. Warm.29 °CSan Diego *Sat 09:49Overcast. Mild.18 °C
Flint *Sat 12:49Passing clouds. Warm.27 °CSan Francisco *Sat 09:49Passing clouds. Mild.19 °C
Fort-de-FranceSat 12:49Partly sunny. Warm.31 °CSan Jose (CR)Sat 10:49Passing clouds. Warm.26 °C
Fort Lauderdale *Sat 12:49Scattered clouds. Hot.33 °CSan Jose (USA) *Sat 09:49Passing clouds. Mild.18 °C
Fort Smith *Sat 11:49Sunny. Warm.30 °CSan JuanSat 12:49Broken clouds. Warm.25 °C
Fort Wayne *Sat 12:49Cloudy. Warm.25 °CSan Juan de la MaguanaSat 12:49Partly sunny. Hot.33 °C
Fort Worth *Sat 11:49Sunny. Hot.32 °CSan Luis Potosi *Sat 11:49Scattered clouds. Mild.23 °C
Frankfort *Sat 12:49Passing clouds. Warm.29 °CSan MiguelSat 10:49Broken clouds. Warm.28 °C
Freeport *Sat 12:49Passing clouds. Hot.32 °CSan PedroSat 10:49Sprinkles. Partly sunny. Warm.31 °C
Fremont *Sat 09:49Sunny. Mild.19 °CSan Pedro SulaSat 10:49Scattered clouds. Warm.29 °C
Fresnillo *Sat 11:49Sunny. Mild.20 °CSan SalvadorSat 10:49Broken clouds. Mild.23 °C
Fresno *Sat 09:49Sunny. Pleasantly warm.27 °CSan VicenteSat 10:49Broken clouds. Warm.28 °C
Fullerton *Sat 09:49Overcast. Mild.20 °CSancti Spíritus *Sat 12:49Passing clouds. Warm.31 °C
Gainesville *Sat 12:49Light rain. Overcast. Mild.24 °CSanta Ana (SV)Sat 10:49Broken clouds. Mild.23 °C
Garland *Sat 11:49Sunny. Warm.31 °CSanta Ana (US-CA) *Sat 09:49Partly sunny. Mild.21 °C
Gatineau *Sat 12:49Broken clouds. Mild.23 °CSanta Barbara *Sat 09:49Overcast. Cool.17 °C
George Town (Cayman)Sat 11:49Passing clouds. Hot.32 °CSanta Clara *Sat 12:49Passing clouds. Hot.32 °C
Glendale (USA-AZ)Sat 09:49Scattered clouds. Hot.34 °CSanta Clarita *Sat 09:49Overcast. Mild.19 °C
Glendale (USA-CA) *Sat 09:49Overcast. Mild.18 °CSanta Fe *Sat 10:49Sunny. Pleasantly warm.26 °C
GoodyearSat 09:49Passing clouds. Extremely hot.34 °CSanta María Huatulco *Sat 11:49Overcast. Warm.29 °C
Grand Rapids *Sat 12:49Broken clouds. Warm.26 °CSanta Rosa *Sat 09:49Passing clouds. Cool.16 °C
Greater Sudbury *Sat 12:49Sprinkles. Mostly cloudy. Mild.19 °CSantiago de Cuba *Sat 12:49Scattered clouds. Warm.31 °C
Grise Fiord *Sat 12:49Passing clouds. Cool.9 °CSantiago de los CaballerosSat 12:49Scattered clouds. Warm.29 °C
Guadalajara *Sat 11:49Broken clouds. Mild.21 °CSantiago de VeraguasSat 11:49Partly sunny. Warm.28 °C
Guatemala CitySat 10:49Broken clouds. Mild.22 °CSanto DomingoSat 12:49Partly sunny. Warm.30 °C
Guelph *Sat 12:49Broken clouds. Warm.25 °CSaskatoonSat 10:49Broken clouds. Cool.11 °C
HagåtñaSun 02:49Overcast. Warm.26 °CScottsdaleSat 09:49Sunny. Hot.33 °C
Halifax *Sat 13:49Passing clouds. Mild.24 °CSeattle *Sat 09:49Mostly cloudy. Mild.17 °C
Hamilton (Bermuda) *Sat 13:49Partly sunny. Warm.30 °CSherbrooke *Sat 12:49Overcast. Mild.22 °C
Hamilton (CA-ON) *Sat 12:49Partly sunny. Mild.24 °CShreveport *Sat 11:49Scattered clouds. Hot.31 °C
Hampton *Sat 12:49Scattered clouds. Warm.29 °CSikeston *Sat 11:49Sunny. Warm.29 °C
Happy Valley-Goose Bay *Sat 13:49Partly sunny. Warm.25 °CSimi Valley *Sat 09:49Overcast. Mild.19 °C
Harrisburg *Sat 12:49Broken clouds. Warm.30 °CSioux Falls *Sat 11:49Scattered clouds. Warm.26 °C
Hartford *Sat 12:49Partly sunny. Warm.26 °CSouth Bend *Sat 12:49Passing clouds. Warm.25 °C
Havana *Sat 12:49Partly sunny. Warm.29 °CSpanish TownSat 12:49Scattered clouds. Hot.32 °C
Hayward *Sat 09:49Passing clouds. Mild.19 °CSpringfield (MA) *Sat 12:49Mild.25 °C
Helena *Sat 10:49Scattered clouds. Cool.13 °CSpringfield (IL) *Sat 11:49Passing clouds. Mild.22 °C
HermosilloSat 09:49Scattered clouds. Hot.32 °CSpringfield (MO) *Sat 11:49Scattered clouds. Warm.28 °C
Hesperia *Sat 09:49Scattered clouds. Mild.20 °CSquamish *Sat 09:49Mild.18 °C
Hialeah *Sat 12:49Passing clouds. Hot.33 °CSt. Catharines *Sat 12:49Broken clouds. Mild.23 °C
Hillsboro *Sat 09:49Overcast. Mild.17 °CSt. Clair Shores *Sat 12:49Sunny. Warm.27 °C
HiloSat 06:49Light rain. Fog. Warm.26 °CSt. John's (CA - NF) *Sat 14:19Overcast. Cool.14 °C
Holguín *Sat 12:49Partly sunny. Hot.32 °CSt. Joseph *Sat 11:49Mild.26 °C
Hollywood (US-CA) *Sat 09:49Overcast. Mild.18 °CSt. Louis *Sat 11:49Broken clouds. Warm.25 °C
Hollywood (US-FL) *Sat 12:49Scattered clouds. Hot.33 °CSt. Paul *Sat 11:49Sunny. Mild.24 °C
HonoluluSat 06:49Partly cloudy. Warm.25 °CSt. Petersburg *Sat 12:49Light rain. Overcast. Mild.24 °C
Houston *Sat 11:49Broken clouds. Hot.32 °CStamford *Sat 12:49Broken clouds. Warm.27 °C
Huntington Beach *Sat 09:49Partly sunny. Mild.21 °CSterling Heights *Sat 12:49Scattered clouds. Warm.27 °C
Huntsville *Sat 11:49Sunny. Hot.31 °CStockton *Sat 09:49Sunny. Mild.23 °C
Independence *Sat 11:49Sunny. Mild.24 °CSunnyvale *Sat 09:49Sunny. Mild.19 °C
Indianapolis *Sat 12:49Overcast. Mild.24 °CSurrey *Sat 09:49Mild.18 °C
Inglewood *Sat 09:49Overcast. Mild.19 °CSyracuse *Sat 12:49Partly sunny. Warm.28 °C
Inuvik *Sat 10:49Light rain. Low clouds. Chilly.1 °CTallahassee *Sat 12:49Broken clouds. Hot.31 °C
Iqaluit *Sat 12:49Scattered clouds. Cool.14 °CTampa *Sat 12:49Scattered clouds. Warm.26 °C
Irvine *Sat 09:49Partly sunny. Mild.21 °CTegucigalpaSat 10:49Broken clouds. Warm.25 °C
Irving *Sat 11:49Sunny. Hot.32 °CTempeSat 09:49Scattered clouds. Hot.34 °C
Jackson *Sat 11:49Sunny. Hot.32 °CTepic *Sat 10:49Scattered clouds. Warm.25 °C
Jacksonville *Sat 12:49Warm.27 °CTexcoco *Sat 11:49Sunny. Mild.21 °C
Jefferson City *Sat 11:49Passing clouds. Mild.22 °CThe BottomSat 12:49Warm.31 °C
Jersey City *Sat 12:49Scattered clouds. Warm.28 °CThe ValleySat 12:49Scattered clouds. Warm.29 °C
Joplin *Sat 11:49Thunderstorms. Broken clouds. Mild.24 °CThousand Oaks *Sat 09:49Cool.18 °C
Juneau *Sat 08:49Rain. Fog. Cool.13 °CThunder Bay *Sat 12:49Passing clouds. Mild.20 °C
Kamloops *Sat 09:49Partly sunny. Mild.17 °CTijuana *Sat 09:49Scattered clouds. Mild.19 °C
Kansas City (US-KS) *Sat 11:49Sunny. Warm.26 °CToledo *Sat 12:49Broken clouds. Warm.28 °C
Kansas City (US-MO) *Sat 11:49Sunny. Warm.26 °CTopeka *Sat 11:49Sunny. Mild.24 °C
Kelowna *Sat 09:49Sunny. Mild.19 °CToronto *Sat 12:49Mostly cloudy. Mild.22 °C
Key West *Sat 12:49Sunny. Warm.31 °CTorrance *Sat 09:49Overcast. Mild.19 °C
Kingston (Canada) *Sat 12:49Rain showers. Fog. Mild.21 °CTrenton *Sat 12:49Passing clouds. Warm.28 °C
Kingston (Jm)Sat 11:49Overcast. Hot.32 °CTrois-Rivieres *Sat 12:49Mild.22 °C
KingstownSat 12:49Sprinkles. Broken clouds. Mild.24 °CTucsonSat 09:49Sunny. Pleasantly warm.31 °C
Kitchener *Sat 12:49Broken clouds. Warm.25 °CTurlock *Sat 09:49Sunny. Mild.23 °C
Knoxville *Sat 12:49Partly sunny. Warm.29 °CTuxtla Gutierrez *Sat 11:49Passing clouds. Warm.28 °C
KralendijkSat 12:49Partly sunny. Warm.30 °CUnalaska *Sat 08:49Fog. Cool.10 °C
Kuujjuaq *Sat 12:49Broken clouds. Refreshingly cool.15 °CVallejo *Sat 09:49Scattered clouds. Mild.18 °C
La CeibaSat 10:49Broken clouds. Warm.31 °CVancouver *Sat 09:49Mostly cloudy. Mild.18 °C
La RomanaSat 12:49Broken clouds. Warm.30 °CVeracruz *Sat 11:49Scattered clouds. Hot.32 °C
Lakewood *Sat 10:49Sunny. Pleasantly warm.27 °CVictoria *Sat 09:49Partly sunny. Cool.16 °C
Lansing *Sat 12:49Sunny. Warm.26 °CVictorville *Sat 09:49Sunny. Pleasantly warm.29 °C
Laredo *Sat 11:49Sunny. Hot.33 °CVieux FortSat 12:49Sprinkles. Broken clouds. Mild.24 °C
Las Vegas *Sat 09:49Clear. Hot.31 °CVirginia Beach *Sat 12:49Partly sunny. Warm.28 °C
Laval *Sat 12:49Fog. Mild.22 °CVisalia *Sat 09:49Sunny. Warm.26 °C
Leon *Sat 11:49Partly sunny. Mild.22 °CWaco *Sat 11:49Sunny. Hot.32 °C
LeónSat 10:49Scattered clouds. Warm.28 °CWailukuSat 06:49Passing clouds. Warm.25 °C
Lexington-Fayette *Sat 12:49Sunny. Hot.31 °CWake IslandSun 04:49Passing clouds. Warm.28 °C
LiberiaSat 10:49Scattered clouds. Warm.28 °CWaldorf *Sat 12:49Passing clouds. Warm.30 °C
LimónSat 10:49Scattered clouds. Warm.29 °CWarren *Sat 12:49Sunny. Warm.27 °C
Lincoln *Sat 11:49Sunny. Warm.26 °CWashington DC *Sat 12:49Broken clouds. Warm.31 °C
Little Rock *Sat 11:49Passing clouds. Hot.32 °CWaterbury *Sat 12:49Partly sunny. Warm.27 °C
Livonia *Sat 12:49Broken clouds. Warm.26 °CWhistler *Sat 09:49Mild.18 °C
London *Sat 12:49Partly sunny. Mild.24 °CWhitehorse *Sat 09:49Light rain. More clouds than sun. Cool.8 °C
Long Beach *Sat 09:49Overcast. Mild.21 °CWichita *Sat 11:49Broken clouds. Warm.27 °C
Longueuil *Sat 12:49Mild.23 °CWillemstadSat 12:49Scattered clouds. Hot.32 °C
Los Angeles *Sat 09:49Overcast. Mild.21 °CWindsor *Sat 12:49Scattered clouds. Warm.27 °C
Louisville *Sat 12:49Broken clouds. Hot.31 °CWinnipeg *Sat 11:49Mild.21 °C
Lowell *Sat 12:49Overcast. Warm.26 °CWinston-Salem *Sat 12:49Partly sunny. Warm.31 °C
Lynchburg *Sat 12:49Sunny. Warm.31 °CWorcester *Sat 12:49Overcast. Mild.22 °C
Macon *Sat 12:49Sunny. Hot.33 °CYellowknife *Sat 10:49Scattered clouds. Cool.11 °C
Madison *Sat 11:49Partly sunny. Warm.25 °CYonkers *Sat 12:49Sunny. Warm.27 °C
ManaguaSat 10:49Partly sunny. Warm.30 °CZacatecas *Sat 11:49Sunny. Mild.20 °C

* Adjusted for Daylight Saving Time (356 places).

Sat = Saturday, 17 August 2019 (447 places).
Sun = Sunday, 18 August 2019 (3 places).