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Temperatures and Weather in South America

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New York26 °CScattered clouds.Sat 12:49:21
London22 °CScattered clouds.Sat 17:49:21
Tokyo27 °CWarm.Sun 01:49:21

Local Time and Weather in South America

AmbatoSat 11:49Fog. Cool.8 °CManausSat 12:49Scattered clouds. Warm.27 °C
AntofagastaSat 12:49Partly sunny. Cool.14 °CManizalesSat 11:49Scattered clouds. Mild.22 °C
AraucaSat 11:49Partly sunny. Warm.28 °CMar del PlataSat 13:49Overcast. Cool.11 °C
ArequipaSat 11:49Passing clouds. Mild.21 °CMaracaySat 12:49Heavy rain. Overcast. Mild.24 °C
ArtigasSat 13:49Overcast. Mild.22 °CMarambio BaseSat 13:49Overcast. Frigid.-15 °C
AsuncionSat 12:49Passing clouds. Pleasantly warm.31 °CMarigotSat 12:49Scattered clouds. Warm.31 °C
BarquisimetoSat 12:49Passing clouds. Warm.25 °CMedellinSat 11:49Broken clouds. Mild.19 °C
Barra do GarçasSat 13:49Overcast. Warm.28 °CMendozaSat 13:49Sunny. Mild.17 °C
BarranquillaSat 11:49Scattered showers. Scattered clouds. Warm.27 °CMercedesSat 13:49Fog. Cool.15 °C
BelémSat 13:49Scattered clouds. Hot.32 °CMinasSat 13:49Thunderstorms. Mostly cloudy. Cool.10 °C
Belo HorizonteSat 13:49Sunny. Mild.22 °CMonteríaSat 11:49Overcast. Mild.24 °C
Boa VistaSat 12:49Broken clouds. Warm.27 °CMontevideoSat 13:49Thundershowers. Low clouds. Cool.11 °C
BogotaSat 11:49Drizzle. More clouds than sun. Cool.15 °CNatalSat 13:49Partly sunny. Warm.28 °C
BrasiliaSat 13:49Partly sunny. Pleasantly warm.25 °CNeuquénSat 13:49Partly sunny. Refreshingly cool.13 °C
BucaramangaSat 11:49Partly sunny. Mild.22 °CNew AmsterdamSat 12:49Partly sunny. Warm.30 °C
Buenos AiresSat 13:49Broken clouds. Cool.14 °CNieuw NickerieSat 13:49Partly sunny. Warm.27 °C
CaliSat 11:49Scattered clouds. Warm.26 °CNiteróiSat 13:49Sunny. Warm.26 °C
CallaoSat 11:49Overcast. Cool.16 °CParamariboSat 13:49Overcast. Warm.27 °C
CampinasSat 13:49Sunny. Pleasantly warm.26 °CPedro Juan CaballeroSat 12:49Sunny. Pleasantly warm.29 °C
CanelonesSat 13:49Heavy rain. More clouds than sun. Cool.11 °CPereiraSat 11:49Fog. Mild.21 °C
CaracasSat 12:49Passing clouds. Warm.30 °CPetrópolisSat 13:49Sunny. Pleasantly warm.26 °C
Carlini BaseSat 13:49Low clouds. Cold.-6 °CPhilipsburgSat 12:49Scattered clouds. Warm.31 °C
CartagenaSat 11:49Scattered clouds. Warm.30 °CPirassunungaSat 13:49Passing clouds. Pleasantly warm.26 °C
CayenneSat 13:49Partly sunny. Hot.32 °CPort of SpainSat 12:49Scattered showers. Partly sunny. Warm.31 °C
ChaguanasSat 12:49Scattered showers. Partly sunny. Warm.31 °CPorto AlegreSat 13:49Passing clouds. Pleasantly warm.29 °C
Ciudad del EsteSat 12:49Sunny. Pleasantly warm.30 °CPorto VelhoSat 12:49Clear. Extremely hot.34 °C
CobijaSat 12:49Clear. Hot.32 °CPunta Arenas *Sat 13:49Sunny. Quite cool.5 °C
CochabambaSat 12:49Clear. Pleasantly warm.26 °CPuyoSat 11:49Fog. Cool.8 °C
Colonia del SacramentoSat 13:49Thunderstorms. Overcast. Cool.13 °CQuitoSat 11:49Broken clouds. Refreshingly cool.14 °C
CórdobaSat 13:49Sunny. Mild.19 °CRawsonSat 13:49Partly sunny. Cool.7 °C
CúcutaSat 11:49Broken clouds. Warm.31 °CRecifeSat 13:49Scattered clouds. Warm.28 °C
CuencaSat 11:49Scattered clouds. Mild.21 °CRiberaltaSat 12:49Clear. Hot.32 °C
CuritibaSat 13:49Sunny. Pleasantly warm.26 °CRio BrancoSat 11:49Clear. Warm.31 °C
DuraznoSat 13:49Thunderstorms. Low clouds. Cool.14 °CRio de JaneiroSat 13:49Sunny. Warm.26 °C
Easter IslandSat 10:49More clouds than sun. Mild.19 °CRochaSat 13:49Thundershowers. Low clouds. Cool.12 °C
EncarnaciónSat 12:49Sunny. Mild.19 °CSaltaSat 13:49Sunny. Mild.23 °C
Esperanza BaseSat 13:49Partly sunny. Frigid.-14 °CSaltoSat 13:49Partly sunny. Warm.26 °C
Fernando de NoronhaSat 14:49Partly sunny. Warm.31 °CSalvadorSat 13:49Scattered showers. Broken clouds. Mild.24 °C
FloridaSat 13:49Thunderstorms. Low clouds. Cool.14 °CSan FernandoSat 12:49Scattered showers. Partly sunny. Warm.31 °C
FortalezaSat 13:49Scattered clouds. Warm.31 °CSan Ignacio de VelascoSat 12:49Clear. Hot.33 °C
Foz do IguaçuSat 13:49Sunny. Pleasantly warm.30 °CSan José de MayoSat 13:49Thunderstorms. Low clouds. Cool.14 °C
Fray BentosSat 13:49Fog. Cool.15 °CSanta CruzSat 12:49Clear. Pleasantly warm.30 °C
GeorgetownSat 12:49Overcast. Warm.30 °CSanta FeSat 13:49Scattered clouds. Mild.21 °C
GoiâniaSat 13:49Scattered clouds. Mild.24 °CSantarémSat 13:49Passing clouds. Warm.30 °C
GualeguaychúSat 13:49Fog. Cool.15 °CSantiagoSat 12:49Clear. Refreshingly cool.14 °C
GuarulhosSat 13:49Sunny. Pleasantly warm.26 °CSanto DomingoSat 11:49Overcast. Refreshingly cool.15 °C
GuayaquilSat 11:49Mostly cloudy. Warm.25 °CSantosSat 13:49Passing clouds. Pleasantly warm.25 °C
GustaviaSat 12:49Scattered clouds. Warm.31 °CSão PauloSat 13:49Passing clouds. Pleasantly warm.25 °C
IbarraSat 11:49Partly sunny. Refreshingly cool.14 °CScarboroughSat 12:49Light rain. Passing clouds. Warm.29 °C
ImperatrizSat 13:49Passing clouds. Extremely hot.34 °CSincelejoSat 11:49Broken clouds. Warm.26 °C
IquitosSat 11:49Passing clouds. Warm.28 °CStanleySat 13:49Scattered clouds. Chilly.-3 °C
La PazSat 12:49Passing clouds. Refreshingly cool.13 °CTandilSat 13:49Partly sunny. Cool.13 °C
La PlataSat 13:49Fog. Cool.14 °CTrinidadSat 13:49Thunderstorms. Low clouds. Cool.14 °C
LimaSat 11:49Overcast. Cool.16 °CTrujilloSat 11:49Partly sunny. Mild.17 °C
LindenSat 12:49Broken clouds. Warm.31 °CTucumánSat 13:49Clear. Mild.22 °C
LojaSat 11:49Haze. Cool.8 °CValenciaSat 12:49Heavy rain. Overcast. Mild.24 °C
MaceióSat 13:49Partly sunny. Warm.27 °CValparaísoSat 12:49Partly sunny. Cool.11 °C
Machu Picchu PuebloSat 11:49Clear. Mild.18 °CVillavicencioSat 11:49Drizzle. More clouds than sun. Cool.15 °C
MaldonadoSat 13:49Thunderstorms. Mostly cloudy. Cool.10 °CViña del MarSat 12:49Clear. Refreshingly cool.14 °C

* Adjusted for Daylight Saving Time (1 place).

Sat = Saturday, 17 August 2019 (118 places).